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Episode number 102 from season 4.

2018-12-03 - LET ME EXPLAIN

Season 4 - Episode 102 - 12-03-2018
Casey hasn't posted a video in a while. He is sorry for that. HE is waiting for a flight to Denver then New Orleans. After a short night of sleep he goes out and explains that he missed his flight because the TSA took his Boosted Board. He is still having a role in a feature film. In his trailer Casey explains what he has done last week. It was Thanksgiving. Candice and Georgie stayed in NYC while Casey took Francine to California to spend time with Owen. in Candice's family. It was great. He went back home then to New Orleans to be in this gigantic Netflix Jamie Foxx amazing action movie. Everything is amazing here. He has been here all week. It requires a lot of focus for Casey. These last weeks, especially with this family trip and this huge production movie, he really wants to make YouTube videos when he wants to and not be forced to make some videos because he has to. He wants to be able to really focus on doing something. He has more information on what he can show and tell. He shows the trailers, the catering with lots of snacks and food. Inside the stage he shows the behind of the behind the scenes: gear, cameras, dollies, lights. Video team, stunt actors. Casey records when on the stage they trigger some explosions, gun shots. He shows the props used. Long day. He removed his outfit but still has protections and a ripped t-shirt. His character has been in a fight and he has almost a real black eye from the fight. Wrap, time to go back to NYC.

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