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Episode number 100 from season 4.

2018-11-07 - super sad.

Season 4 - Episode 100 - 11-07-2018
Rainy day. Terrible weather. Today will be a sad video. There is one thing with YouTubers, we are not good to express feelings. Talking to the audience is a form of therapy. A little over a month ago Casey lost a friend: Quintin. Excerpt from Video: No excuse. He had a physical condition, it was tough to fly it to NY because of this but they had a strong relationship. He lived in Australia so it was tough to talk on the phone because of the time difference. They talked on the phone one day before Georgie was born, he was ok. The next day, after the baby was born, he called him and he didn't answered. That's unusual from him. He always answer the phone. The next day he saw on the news that he died. It was unexpected. He died the same day that his baby was born. That is a big emotional dichotomy. Success in life is based on the impact you had while you ware living. Quintin had a huge impact on Casey's life: overcoming impossible odds. Casey leaves the studio, excerpts of Quintin's videos.Casey tattoos a Q on his left hand.

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