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Episode number 10 from season 4.


Season 4 - Episode 10 - 04-13-2018
Lots of noise outside. They are jack-hammering. Dan and Casey met in South-Africa, he showed him all the awesomeness of Cape Town. So when he came to NYC, Casey promised him he will be his guide... and he failed at that. So today he will showed him his favorite breakfast restaurant. Pancakes. On a pier Casey reads a monologue, not written by him but spot-on. To everyone who asks for 'just a little of your time, here's what it costs to say yes' by Ryan Holiday: To the person who emailed me this morning with a perfectly nice request, I'm sorry to say, the answer is no. You didn't do anything wrong, you were perfectly respectful within your rights to ask about arranging a time for a meeting. The problem isn't you, there is something wrong with me, I have a form of anorexia . Don't be alarmed, it's not serious, although I take it quite seriously, in fact I think it's the secret to all of my success, I have calendar anorexia. I want as little in my calendar as possible. I'm meticulous about it. Whatever the least amount possible I can have in my calendar without killing my entire career that's what I want. Want to set up a quick call to chat? what to have coffee next week? let's get together to discuss? No no and no. I could but I just can't. Even if there are serious opportunities, even if it takes me only 15 minutes, even if it's something that everyone else does, I like to avoid it. Of course I'm not perfect at this. I do succumb just like everybody else in the modern world. There are things that I have to do and those things have to be scheduled. There are requirements for work and basic civility but even then when I pull up my phone and I click on today's date and I see little boxes of time blocked out I get very nervous, I get anxious. What is all this. Where did my time go? What about my day? Why did I agree to all of this? And then the most fearful question. How will I be able to make my video? You see my entire day is my vlog time. I can't schedule that and if I do schedule that away it better be because I'm getting paid or I really want to dot it, because everything else is for suckers. You've got managers and you got makers. There are two ways to run your life: managers know that their day is divided up into little itty-bitty pieces for meetings, calls and administrative tasks. Makers on the other hand needs to have large blocks of uninterrupted time to focus on what is is they are making. When people ask how I'm able to get these videos done every single day my calendar anorexia is the answer. Same goes to the house able to manage a healthy relationship with my wife and my family and how I manage to exercise and read. Time is our most irreplaceable asset, we can't buy more of it, we can't a second of it back, we can only hope to waste as little of it as possible while we have it. Yet, somehow we treat it as the most renewable of all resources, so if the asks is if we can get together and chat or pick my brain, the answer is no, I'm sorry, but I have this condition, I hope you understand. // end of quote. Casey is a little less extreme but there is a lot he agrees with. Every once in a while there is an exception to that rule. Jack Conte, the CEO of Patreon made a video to asks to meet him. He bought his plane ticket and asks for 15 minutes of his time. The video was so good that he has to meet the guy. The video itself went viral. Jack arrives in the studio. Casey asks him what does he want. He wants creative people to be valued what they actually are valued at. He want's that there is a zero gap between what a creative person is worth and the money that they are given by the world. Noble mission. How to realize that? Casey makes a pitch for Patreon but it is not about Patreon today. The video Jack made had 600 or 700,000 views for a 11k subscribers. it really viral. 900,000 views in fact. Jack wants to make a story about this, no just tell the idea. But Casey explains that he is in an elevator, with his 9 million subscribers, he has 14 stories to go, he needs a quick explanation. He believes in 368. It can be an historical media company. Jack has a smart idea. He wants to explain it off camera. Smart idea, a practical way to work with and promote small creators. Rough plan to connect his company and Casey's one. Rough plan. It would take time and resources, but it is exactly the kind of things he wants to do with 368. They need to figure out how to do it. They talked during an hour. Visit of 368 with Jack. The space should be ready in few months. They are both very excited by the future.

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