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Episode number 1 from season 4.

2018-04-03 - 368 THE FIRST EPISODE

Season 4 - Episode 1 - 04-03-2018
Marlon is in the new space, Casey starts his drone inside. Casey is still running every day. While dressing up, Casey explains that nothing changed about running. In the new totally empty office Casey brings something to sit on. It used to be Beme office. Lot of work to do to transform it into a proper studio. "We" is a team of 2. Him and Dan from South Africa. He was surfing with him. He always joke about sharks. Dan shows a shark bite to a friend. Around 5-6 times a year a surfer is bitten by a shark. Casey create a P.I.C t-shirt in his studio with an iron. P.I.C: Partner In Crime. Drone shots in the building with the Mavic Air. Casey wants to convert the space, remove the echo, he wants lots of things inside: Skateboard, basket ball, a real kitchen to cook and have events and diner parties. Downstairs, space for editors, directors, ... and a podcasting studio. Casey wants the space to be used and appreciated because it is unusual in NYC. When he arrived in NYC he was in tiny cramped spaces. He wants a space to motivate creators. Sam Sheffer arrives and discover the place. he shouts, jumps everywhere, runs. So much room. Ann Lupo is there too. They take the electric vehicle from his studio to try them in the office. We will rock you card. Drone shots and electric skateboard inside. ya, yall. Back home, stop at the grocery store. Preview of what will happen tomorrow. Promotion for a live stream on Twitch.

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