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Episode number 8 from season 3.

2017-04-05 - going back to high school

Season 3 - Episode 8 - 04-05-2017
Lots of fog outside today. 6:45am there is a car waiting for him, he leaves his apartment to go Princeton New Jersey. Stop at Starbucks for a coffee. Outside of the coffee, Casey explains where he is going, to a high school calle the Hun School. He has been asked to come to explain what he is doing. He enjoys these opportunities. He thinks he is far ahead of schedule, but in fact he is not. He arrives at the university, meet lots of people. He is late. Lots of kids in the room. He peaks behind the curtain. The kids are screaming at him. A girl is wearing a "can I be in the vlog" t-shirt. Maureen the lady who assisted him at the university sent him footage, even drone footage. After his talk Casey stays for pictures. 2 grown ups take his camera and start to talk to explain that they went from New York to be here today. Car ride back to NYC. Stop at his studio. He takes a air horn aerosol and makes a loud noise in his studio. All the packages for the mailtime are here. Cinderblock, shotgun shell and one screw. The blank box. He shows a demonstration on another youtube video. Hat. Zest Tea. He prefers coffee. High visibility bicycle wraps. boosted board cookie, sunglasses cookie, do more, play button. Play meal plate for Francine. Job application. Reflective backpacks.Sound machine, floats pool things, crown. Huge inflatable smiley, he brings it home for Francine. Timelapses of the boats on the river.

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