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Episode number 5 from season 3.


Season 3 - Episode 5 - 03-29-2017
Boosted board ride to the rehearsal place he was yesterday. Tonight is the night. More prepping for tonight's Samsung event. Max is there, Dylan too. Casey feels good about it, they worked a lot, it will go well. He goes with Max to his hotel. He takes Max's car to be able to talk with him during the ride. Max explains he never had an IV injection before. They talk about an injection with vitamins and good things inside, the kind of thing you take when you have a hangover in Vegas. In Max's hotel Casey wants to be there for the injection. Then he has to go home and get changed. They wait for the "nurse" to come. Max travels with a computer monitor in his suitcase, an apple keyboard, a full size microphone. The girl finally arrive, she makes a kind of sterile area and Max gets his injection, hydration thing. Stop in Casey's studio. He is supposed to be at the convention center at 4pm, it is 3:56pm and he still needs to go home to get changed. BB ride home, no idea what to wear. When in doubt wear a suit. Cab ride. Traffic jam. It is 4:55pm when he arrives but as the event is not supposed to start before 7pm he is not worried. Max is there he feels good but tired too. Casey wants his hair to be cut. Francesca is there. Preparation and backstage. Mics are hooked up. They arrive in the empty room. Huge place, huge screen. Last minute rehearsal. Interruption. Casey is in his apartment with Francine's drawings and paint. He had no idea on how to end the video, he was supposed to upload it days ago but it didn't make any sense, the flow was off. He realized he forgot to give a context. So he wants to explain it. He and people he works with had a crazy idea, they pitched it to Samsung bosses. The idea was a night that just celebrates creators. People who make things. Samsung's bosses were ok. The host is Francesca, a youtuber, Chantelle an artist... A night for creators about creators. Completely done by creators. It was magic, it was one of the greatest nights of his entire career.

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