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Episode number 20 from season 3.

2017-04-23 - this PISSES ME OFF more than anything

Season 3 - Episode 20 - 04-23-2017
Episode 18 labeled episode 20. Week-end tradition, stop at Starbucks. Boosted board ride to the studio. On the way he explains that during a dinner last night, a firned of him explained that her young son has been vlogging and kids at school have been making fun of him because he is making youtube videos. That's the second time he heard that. Casey hates that. Today's episode is dedicated to this 12 years old kid. He takes coloured paper and and pens to explains something. Line between the start (now) and later (success). Now the other are teasing you, then they will be scared of you, then they will want to be you. But you need perseverance and determination to go from tease to success. Perseverance: I will continue my pursuit no matter the opposition. Dertermination: I will stop at nothing to achieve my goal. More exciting things to come. Tonight is a big night, but he is late. In his apartment he looks for clothes so he can look presentible. BB ride, on his way to the 8 or 6 or 10th annual shorty awards. He has been to the Oscars, the Grammys, the MTV News Records, but there is something special with the shorty awards, because they celebrate social media creators. Fans in the street. He loves NYC but not this midtown traffic. He is late but he missed nothing. Dinner tables with lots of people. Nev is there. He wins. Small dog acting as he is famous. Casey wasn't aware but he will present an award to Karlie Kloss. She is late. Prompter with what Casey and Karlie will say. Picture of them, Casey is on his toes to match her height. We see the award of Nev and Laura (?), best parenthood ? Trip back home at night.

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