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Episode number 19 from season 3.


Season 3 - Episode 19 - 04-19-2017
Episode 17 labeled episode 19. On the opposite side of the city, after his first half of his morning run Casey ran into his friend David who asked him to play basketball with him. He is a terrible basketball player. In the Beme office, Casey shows how the juice machine works. It presses a pouch filled with fruits and extracts the juice. Back in the studio he explains that he shot the last 4 or 5 episodes on a brand new camera, A Panasonic GH5. He received a lot of questions about it so it is time for a tech review. Many people are not very found of his reviews so they can skip to the second half of the episode to avoid it. Tech talk on the Lumix GH5. It is almost right. The Sony A6500 is smaller and has a better image. Also a better focus and low light performance but he prefers the Lumix because of the front facing screen. Dual SD card slots to avoid technical issues. Batery life is as good as on his previous Canon cameras. The autofocus is good enough. The chip is stabilized so it is smooth. The microphone input is well placed. But the micro 4 thirds chip is smaller than the aps-c sensors so low light performance, both on the image quality side and the auto-focus side. Hardware limitations. But software limitations are annoying. The red dot while the camera is recording is very small and hard to see from a distance. The interface is terrible. When you touch the screen to focus the red dot disappears, why??? It could be fix via firmware update if Panasonic decides to do it. In movie mode, the shutter starts recording, good idea. The display button that cycles between the different interfaces on the screen is located in a very unusual and totally stupid place just under the right thumb. But at the end it is the best vlogging camera at the moment. Back in the Beme HQ, he talks a little more about the juice machine. It is a machine from a startup owned by one of his friends. Like a Juice press at home. The Juice arrow machine is trending on twitter, because many people said that in fact you can just buy the bags of fruits and you don't need the machine, so Casey wants to compare with and without. He tries with Beme coworkers helping him. Jake manages to squeeze a full glass. At the end, yes if you are strong enough you can squeeze the bags without the machine. Candice is waiting her car in front of the garage in the cold. Warning. the following scene contains nudity, profanity and some womand trying to fight Candice. Casey tried his best to blur some things but we will still understand what is going on. It was gross. A woman is squatting out of a cab with her dress over the hips, no idea what is happening. Casey is faking recording Candice in the front end. Casey explains that she got out of the car, squatting to pee just next to the cab while Casey and Candice were walking on the sidewalk. Candice said it was disgusting and the woman wanted to fight with Candice.

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