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Episode number 15 from season 3.


Season 3 - Episode 15 - 04-16-2017
Palm Springs, California. In his hotel room Casey explains that last night was a great experience, the Coachella music festival, party. 2 hours and 16 minutes of sleep. He wishes he can stay here in Palm Springs, dry amazing desert climate. But not even 2 hours to sunbathe. He has to come back to Santa Monica, not bad either. Short stay, he shows his camera in the mirror, GH5. 5 minutes to grab food at a 7 eleven. Good food there. Uber car ride back to the airport. William Haynes is there too. He is 23. The first time he got into an helicopter was 16 hours ago. Casey's first time in a helicopter was when he was 30. A tourist thing with Owen. Since then he is obsessed with helicopters. Change of plane, they don't have an helicopter for them, so instead they will take a private jet plane. They are both very excited. Casey takes pictures of Will. Casey shows the seats, minibar, fridge, pilots, ... Amazing experience. They never want to fly in a regular flight again. They wish they can do this whenever they want. Today is another production day, They will shoot here in Santa Monica. Scene with Will in a shower, The camera man uses a Samsung phone on a 3 axis gimbal, there is another guy recording sound with an external boom microphone. Casey called Will 24 hours ago, since then he has taken an helicopter, been to a music festival, they talk about Lady Gaga and a school bus, then private jet. Incredible. Plug for his youtube channel: williamhaynestv. Now they are going to the opposite side of Los Angeles to meet other creators to shoot more videos. Ethan and Eli. Pink costumes. Casey tries a fedora hat. 2 hours of shooting. Ethan thinks/jokes that their shot will not be in the commercial. New shoot in Venice. They meet Jesse in his house. White snoop sweatshirt. Venice beach. RC car with shock mounts, 3 axis gimbal and a Samsung phone. They can use it with a much bigger camera like a Red or an Arri Alexa. They go on the beach. Jesse is on a beach bicycle. Cellphone drone too. Huge Hexacopter with gimbal and a Samsung smartphone. They shoot Jesse riding his bike holding a smartphone on a selfie stick with the sunset behind.

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