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Episode number 14 from season 3.

2017-04-15 - PRANKED by 20 Kids

Season 3 - Episode 14 - 04-15-2017
Los Angeles, California. Suite hotel. Candice and Francine will be with Candice's sister, her mother will be there too. He is busy the whole week-end. Drone views over LA. Meeting with Paul, Scooter. Briefcase packed with Samsung Galaxy S8 phones. Palihouse hotel. In a car Casey explained that he called his friend Paul and asked him to come to Santa Monica right now, but his friend has no idea why. They are making a TV commercial for Samsung. The commercial will be shot only with cellphones, by creators like them, starring creators... but many of the famous youtubers are at a music festival called Coachella. They will go there to film what happens over there. Easter bunny. Helicopter ride. Views over Santa Monica. 45 minutes flight. Quite long. Uber ride, limousine because no other car was available. They arrived at Palm Springs. They will shoot with David Dobrik. They don't really have a concept yet. When he arrived, lots of fans come around the house, a guy starts to hell at the fans explaining that they are working here, it is not Disneyland, he asks the fans to to push-ups. It was a prank, the young fans don't even live here. Inside the kitchen they plan a scene with a water bottle cap popping out in the eye of someone, probably in slow motion. Night time, they are going to the festival. It went well but they are late. Scenes from the festival at night. People dancing, big screens. It ends where it started in a bicycle made for 4 people.

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