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Episode number 12 from season 3.

2017-04-13 - Hi-Speed Hoverboard & the NYPD

Season 3 - Episode 12 - 04-13-2017
30th birthday of a member of his team. Sometimes like today Casey picks Candice car at the garage so Candice can take it straight out of the apartment when she leaves. Morning run. He finds Ben in the street while running. In his studio, by popular demand, he switches back to his old black and white sunglasses. Today he is finally doing his comprehensive review of the onewheel+ the big fat wheel hoverboard version 2.0. He waited for good weather first. But before, Real Talk. In season 1 and 2 he uploaded every single day, almost at the same time. Since he started season 3 he is very sporadic. He explains why. He takes a black board and pieces of paper to detail what he is doing, between life, vlog, ... In season 1&2 the vlog almost dictated his life. In season 3 his life dictates the vlog. Focusing on family is more important than focusing on making the episode interesting. Same for his job and health, they goes above spending time editing the vlog. So the vlog stays interesting he has to be selective about when to do it and what to put inside of it. He spent time with his family these last days. He has lot of work with Beme too. If he wants to be able to keep vlogging it has to be sustainable. He loves doing it again, and it is more relaxing. Many famous youtubers who had stopped vlogging talked about the stress that had been put on their personal life while vlogging. He wants to avoid that. At Beme HQ, fresh juice machine. Casey has a new lens on his camera, he shows it to Jake. Very steady shot. Downstairs he shows where the office will be and where they are making a proper raw/recording studio. There will be more lights. Jake shows the new gear they bought. Red camera, follow focus. Jake starts to explain... Supreme clothing, hypebeast, scene outside of the shop. Huge waiting line. One guy waited 2 hours. Police officer. One guy talks about Supreme Culture, fashion, people doind the things that they want to do and explore. Fans in the street. People giving free stuff, chocolate. Back in the studio, ready to test the Onewheel plus to charge it. Then in the street. Great improvement over the previous generation. Stop in a park. Learning curve to be able to use it off-road, but not a lot of possibilities to try it in NYC. He uses it in a park. They addressed all the issues of the previous version, it is smooth, it is responsive. HE forgot his helmet but he will try it in the traffic. He talks with a police officer. To answer one popular question he receives a lot: boosted board or onewheel? In a city the boosted board is a must, but if you live in a place where you need to use it off road, or on trails, the onewheel is fantastic for that.

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