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Episode number 11 from season 3.

2017-04-10 - Shame On You United Airlines

Season 3 - Episode 11 - 04-10-2017
No upload yesterday. On Saturday he dropped the family to the airport and they decided that it is better for everybody if he doesn't go and spend 5 days with his in-laws. On Sunday he had an idea for a very special episode, starting with a long run. 7 miles. First real warm spring day so he continued. 8, 9... at mile 14 he met some friends, and continued, Forrest Gump style. He stopped at 21 miles. 8:16 minutes per mile, 2 hours and 53 minutes. He took a shower, ready to start his day... but fell asleep and slept 4 hours then had another 14 hours of sleep like an hibernating grizzly bear. So he missed an episode. So it is Monday. Marlon has a nice hat today. Maybe he slept that much because he is getting old. People in the comments always remind him that he is old. He is 36. Cab ride to the airport, then lounge then flight. The cab driver has to stop for gas, Casey prefers not so he can have his flight. Snack at the airport, lounge food wasn't great nor bad. Interesting situation. Yesterday there was a video posted online where a guy was ejected from a United flight because they overbooked the flight, he refused to leave the plane, they had to take him using force. Casey asks himself what would he do in this kind of situation, especially today because he is flying on a United plane. Flight to Tucson. Quick 36 hour trip, he will meet Francine, Candice and Owen there. The staff was lovely. When leaving the plane a guy from United recognizes him, they talk a little bit about that situation about the evicted guy. Uber driver waiting for him. He ends the vlog there and will spend time with his family.

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