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Episode number 10 from season 3.


Season 3 - Episode 10 - 04-07-2017
While on his Boosted board Casey shouts happy birthday to a girl holding giant balloons in the street. Sunrise, plane. In his studio, sat on his couch he explains that today's episode has a lack of cohesion if he just stick to the narrative of the day, so he his on his couch to guide us though some of his stories. Fan on a bicycle. Kesley the girl from Samsung that everybody likes and want to marry, today it is her birthday. He goes to a lunch birthday party. It may be a surprise for her. Bluestone restaurant, they are packed in a small room at the back of the restaurant. Kelsey is only 25. Karlie Kloss takes Casey's camera and explains that she too will turn 25 this year. Low ceiling. Quick BB ride from West village to West side highway where his next meeting is. Every day he passes in front of a fancy car shop during his morning run. And he got an email from the guy who holds the place to come have a look to check out the cars. Huge place with lots of expensive cars. He his late for his next meeting and his boosted board battery is almost dead, so he asks Mike for a ride. They chose an old convertible. Casey is surprised it is legal to drive this car in the streets on Manhattan. Shaky but way better than an Uber. Stop at his studio to recharge his BB. He wants to explain his new tattoo. Rel was here last week. Last night he was hosting a party, Casey was there. At that party Rel had a tattoo artist. Jeremy was giving away free tattoos. He got a "new york city 2017" tattoo with 2 flags. Yesterday he shot a video where he fixes an annoyance on his point and shoot camera but he didn't put it in yesterday's vlog, so why not use it today. On the top of his Sony RX 100 mark V there are 2 holes, the microphones are behind. He wants to stick fuzzy stickers on them to avoid wind noise. Hard to do because of the poppable flash and viewfinder. He cuts one sticker in half and glues each half on one microphone hole. It works. He is not sure if tomorrow there will be a vlog episode because he is traveling with his family.

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