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Episode number 9 from season 2b.

2017-01-11 - i'm not that happy

Season 2b - Episode 9 - 01-11-2017
New camera setup. 4K but looks kinda strange. Casey still want to make face to face videos. He has more things to come, he shows the edit of a running video he has shot in South Africa with his friend Dan. Running tip: if you want to improve your time by 20 percents, just listen to the TRON soundtrack by Daft Punk. Talking to the camera is almost like talking to a therapist. There are always things he wants to talk about: like being with Francine with penguins in South Africa, or the shark video he has seen yesterday. Today he wants to talk about happiness on YouTube. But a quick update, he just came back from Las Vegas, and the CNN thing is going well, they are hiring, building studios... it is turning less mystery. His lifestyle changed and it is a little bit weird since he stopped vlogging. He has all this time and still struggles to figure out what to do with it. He installed a gaming station in the gear room. He is crazy focus on fitness but he misses creating something every day. Free brain space. Being free for a month felt great. So about happiness: PewDiePie (Felix) made a video called forced positivity on youtube. The video is about the fact that daily vloggers have a kind of aura of forced positivity and that it can be dangerous because young people may perceive that if you are not happy one hundred percent of the time you are making something wrong. When he was vlogging he was trying to take the fun and happy moments of his 24 hours day and turn them into a 10 minutes video. No one wants to see depressing videos but there is a risk that people perceive that his whole life is like that, which is not. vloggers have the opportunity to edit their life and remove the boring or sad content but it still exists. His naive recipe for happiness: when he has hard times, he tries to focus on what is really good. When his dad had cancer, at least he had a job that provided him a good healthcare. Even today, it is freezing cold outside, that gives him the opportunity to keep his juices refreshed without using energy! This video is not intended to be a comment on mental illness or depression it is more about vloggers and superficiality that vlogging can have.

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