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Episode number 8 from season 2b.

2016-12-03 - Time With the Family

Season 2b - Episode 8 - 12-03-2016
Cape Town, South Africa. Casey is on his way home but he wants to talk about this trip. NYC a couple of days before Christmas. The trip was around 30 hours. Helicopter to NYC airport. He is not the only person to enjoy the helicopter, Francine loves it too. But she does not like airplanes, it makes the flight quite hard, even in first class. But after 30 hours, they are in his second favorite place in the world avec NYC. His older kid Owen is there too. View on the Lion's head during a hike. In NYC it was winter, cold, and in Cape town, opposite side of the world it was summer. He spent a lot of time outside, running, at the beach... The girls love the beach. Drone views above the beach. No surf. Date with Candice at a restaurant called La Perla. Maserati invited them on the boat to enjoy the start of a boat race. A seal on the pontoon. It looks like a sausage, a shark could find it appetizing. Drone views around the boat. Rough sea on their way back, one person is totally wet because of the waves. The ride was fun. Brad and the Maserati team gave them a Maserati car to test. What if he crashed it? He had a haircut. On their last day the went to the Blue Train park with Francine. Then they had to race to the airport to take Owen to the airport. They manage to get there in time. Then he left Candice there while he took another flight. Drone views of Cape Town. He is not going back to NYC, he is going to... (the sentence is cut).

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