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Episode number 6 from season 2b.


Season 2b - Episode 6 - 12-20-2016
Behind the scenes of the huge drone snowboard video. No the drone is not fake. He will explain everything. Day one at the Santa Claus Hotel (real name) in Finland. Discovery of the drone, complete. It takes a full truck. greend and red LED lights. 16 motor hexadecacopter. 16 31 inches carbon fiber propellers powered by 16 independent motors. Fully redundant battery system, propeller system, flight controls and motor controls. 10 feet in diameter. The drone weights 265 pounds. it can lift 100 pounds more and has 16 batteries. 4000amps. Most of the work has been to make this drone safe enough to lift a person in the air. Very serious machine, not something built in a garage. Justin and his wife Elaine had built this drone, it took them almost a year to built it. Day 4 switch of location. There we people telling in the comments that it was CGI (computer generated images) and that he never flew in the air. He had never seen CGI that good, even after having watch Star Wars yesterday he can tell what was fake and what was real. But he know where the criticism comes from: there is not a single shot of him being pulled, then lift, then land without a cut between. That was done on purpose because he can't be pulled by the drone then lift so he can fly in the air because when he reaches to top of a cliff, and is in the air he would have swung like a pendulum which would unbalance the drone to a point it became unstable, so the only way to do it is to have the drone lift him just above the ground and gently fly him anywhere he wants so we never see the lift offs which would have looked unreal. He was safely secured to the drone while flying but no when he was just pulled by the drone riding his snowboard. He had a cable in his sleeve so he didn't go in the way and reduce his movements. One part that was not cool: because of the 16 motors, there was so much wind down that the snowboard acted like a fan blade and made him spin. To prevent that they tried to attach a rope to the snowboard and have a guy holding it, but it looked stupid so instead he figured out that if he was grabbing the front of the snowboard the wind was going through it and didn't make him spin. The genesis of this video: almost a year ago he pitched the idea to Samsung, but to the Caribbean with a surf board, they haven't made it but Samsung had the idea to make it during winter. 5 days of shooting. If people are still thinking this is fake, he will post a VR video in the coming days so people can pause, look around and try to figure out how they fake it... they didn't. More footage of the shooting with Casey being pulled in the air under the huge drone, over the roofs of wood sheds. Photo of the whole team =, around 50 people has been there to make this video happen.

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