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Episode number 4 from season 2b.

2016-12-12 - about my HOLIDAY MOVIE..

Season 2b - Episode 4 - 12-12-2016
Casey tries to surprise Jesse at the airport. Casey explains that one reason he stopped vlogging is to have more time to plan on making more ambitious videos. This video is a part of it. First class flight. Snapchat googles. He is flying with Jesse to LA to make prep work for his next video. From his Los Angeles hotel room he explains what is coming. Samsung VR stuff and gear in Jesse's apartment in Venice. They will go out for some training for the video. In a car he explains that he does not like secrets but he can't tell now what exactly the video is. Too many things can still go wrong and people would be upset if it fails. They are going to Long Beach to learn something related to the video. Bill is waiting for them on the beach. He is a kite surfing instructor, he is taking safety very very seriously, probably too much for Casey. Casey tries to pilot a small kite and crashes it on the beach. Then they try to fly the big one. They never go in the water which is a bit disappointing, but the purpose was to handle a kite and it was a success. Back in Jesse's aparment, Andy is there too. He shows his girlfriend, a plastic model, not a real human person. Next morning in Beverly Hills for a meeting with Samsung to discuss the shoot of next week. The shoot is in 3 days. He flys to NYC later today. In a car Jesse shows Casey his suit for the shoot. The audience can not see it. Samsung VR Christmas showroom, outside, the movie is being in Santa's sleigh. Their video was not supposed to be shot in VR but after having seen the Santa's sleigh movie, maybe they will shoot a little VR too... free Samsung snacks. They don't talk about the location were the video will be shot, Jesse has told it on his channel, we have to go to his channel if we want to learn more about the location. A last production meeting then he flies back to the airport to go back to NYC for just one day before leaving to the unknown location. Candice is there, surprised that he is vlogging again. Candice's sisters baby's first birthday is tomorrow so Candice is coming to LA, Casey meets her at the airport. In the plane he explains that next part will be in a very few days.

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