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Episode number 3 from season 2b.

2016-12-07 - i miss vlogging

Season 2b - Episode 3 - 12-07-2016
Casey hasn't post for 2 weeks. He wants to make an update. Not a lot of changes, he is still using Candice's closet to record his videos, he is stille eating one dollar pizza, still drinking juices from Juice Press, still riding his boosted board, still flying his drone, still opening boxes. Nike Self lacing shoes. His marriage is still perfect. Francine turned 2. He plays video games. He spent a lot of time planning for coming videos. Still lots of airport time. Nothing changed much but there are a million of questions from the audience about what he is doing with CNN. He is flying to Atlanta, CNN headquarters, the whole Beme team is here too. The main goal is to present the Beme team to the CNN team. Still no exact information about what they will do with CNN but he can at least share information about the context. To be able to go to the next level, he had to make something bigger than just him. He needed more resources than he had access to. He wanted something much bigger. People at CNN were interested by both the media aspect (Casey) and the technological perspective (the Beme team). It was a perfect opportunity. Beme is a tech company, more than just an app. The app didn't compete with Snapchat, they are shutting the app down but the Beme company will continue its work. About the deal: lots of people wanted to talk about it but they had no information. The Beme team will stay together, there are no plans to spread the members in CNN teams as they would need them. The team will stay at the Beme HQ, in fact they will even expand and hire more people. Nobody left, ask to leave or has been asked to leave. They are merging the media an tech parts, they are putting them together and create a new company. They are autonomous, they have total freedom. This freedom with the resources that CNN can provide. The "what" has not been answered yet. His YouTube channel will stay his own personal channel to do whatever he wants. CNN didn't want to buy what Casey has done but what he will be able to do next. Casey is very excited about what will be coming but he misses vlogging. He misses having to make something every day. But he loves having his time and life back. Having evening with Candice is great.

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