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Episode number 2 from season 2b.

2016-11-30 - i sold my company to CNN

Season 2b - Episode 2 - 11-30-2016
Casey explains that meybe we have head the news by now, but he sold his Beme technology company to CNN. They will start something new with CNN, with Matt and the Beme team. Very big deal and announcement and he wanted to explain what is going on. This video will be "i sold my company told in 5 parts", he shows a sign with this sentence written on it. part1: what about the vlog, is this why he stopped daily vlogging? the answer is yes and no. He was bored and creatively exhausted for the past months. He kept vlogging because he was not entirely sure what to do next. But he would have stopped regardless. This opportunity provided him the catalyst to actually stop vlogging. But if he stopped daily vlogging, he will continue to post videos on youtube on a regular basis. Part 2: fear. He has done scary things in his life, but starting a company scared him a lot. You have to ask people you trust for money, asking them to believe in you. To fail means you have to go back to all these people who believed in you. Part 3: the future. Not a single article online mentioned what they will do with CNN, an app? an TV show? The reason is simple, they have no idea yet. Probably not Casey presenting the news. Casey was interrested by the CNN offer because they believed in me, in the Beme team and they just wanted this relationship to happen. They will figure out what to do later. Part 4: money. Lots of huge numbers have been told online, but it is not winning the lottery. There is a lot of people involved, it is not a deal with CNN giving millions of dollars to Casey. He does not know why but people love to sh*t over other people when it comes to money. When Casey started he had nothing, he earned everything. He is happy that he will be able to continue to provide for his family but he is not going to buy a private jet anytime soon. or driving a Ferrari. Part 5: Thank you. If he didn't have people around him, watching his videos, he would not have any of this today. Casey hopes that the audience will continue to share their time with him. He has no idea what will be next but it is not the first time he is in this situation and all those journeys (having a baby at 17 or summiting one of the tallest mountains in the world) have one thing in common: you start one step forward, one step closer to where you want to be. Today is step 1 in his CNN journey. Footage of him jumping over a huge waterfall.

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