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Episode number 19 from season 2b.

2016-11-30 - Millionaire YouTube SELLOUT

Season 2b - Episode 19 - 11-30-2016
Casey takes a pile of $100 bills and burns them in front of the camera. Of course it is prop money. Sellout is Casey's least favorite to hear. People who call other people sellout have no idea what they are talking about. When you are a kid your life ambitions have no limits. Then reality steps in. bills, kids, ... people start to put away their dreams and they embrace reality. For him this reality kicked in when he was 15 when his girlfriend was pregnant, he had to drop school to have a job. When in this situation he made a promise to never let go his dreams. He had ugly years of hard work to transition and manage to realize his dreams. People who use the sellout word ignore this transition. Casey shows his TRV 11 DV camera he bought on his credit card, one inch closer to being a film maker. A friend asked him to make a video of him and her 4 kids, she paid him $50. One step to make dreams a little bit closer to reality. At some point you go from being someone that people are proud of because you are realizing your dreams, to someone who is simply a sellout. What happened when Lebron went to Miami? What about Kanye West (not when he sold out at Madison Square Garden) when as a teenager he borrowed money from his mom to cut his first record. Sellout is a term invented by jealous quitters. Casey has never been called a sellout more than on the very day he achieved something he had worked towards since he was a dish washer 20 years ago. Creators should not worry about that. If haters had spent the energy they spent to hate in investing in themselves, maybe they would have been at the same level than you.

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