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Episode number 17 from season 2b.

2017-01-27 - Bowling in the White House basement

Season 2b - Episode 17 - 01-27-2017
Staff entrance of the White house. In his studio Casey explains that he has been sitting on this footage for a 5 years. He had to wait until now to be able to show what happened in 2012 when he went bowling in the White House. Penn station, he takes a train with Owen. In summer 2012 a total stranger emailed him to ask if Casey wants to come down and go bowling, have pizza and beer in the basement of the White House. Of course yes! They took the train to Washington. Owen doesn't have his id card. x-ray machine. Badges. Some other people are there too. Casey explains why the five years disclosure. The guy who invited him wants to remain nameless was working under Obama 1 administration asked him not to put this on the internet as long as Barack Obama is president. Truman bowling alley. Casey turns on the lights. Pictures of the presidents and their wives bowling here. Casey plays a little. He shows the basement and the 2 bowling lanes. Old fashion seats. Pizza and budweiser beer. If someone of the Trump administration wants to invite him, no problem. Extract from a speech where a senator explains that upgrading the private bowling alley shouldn't be a priority.

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