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Episode number 16 from season 2b.

2017-01-23 - BEST VLOGGING CAMERA Sony vs. Canon

Season 2b - Episode 16 - 01-23-2017
In his studio Casey writes while watching the screen of his camera "welcome to another tech review". Last week he was very frustrated with his non repairable fancy Canon lens even if he was ok to pay for it. He threatened to switch from Canon to Sony. His favorite vlogging camera was the Canon 80D, especially because of the flip out screen. He shows the 11 80D boxes he has. He broke a lot of those cameras, but that's the price to pay when daily vlogging. He opens a Sony A7S II box and puts a Sony 16-35 lens on it. He shakes the camera, the camera body makes a lot of noise when shaken, why Sony has put those moving camera straps things on it? The microphone will pick the noise. He leaves the studio to test the new camera. No flip out screen. The weather is bad, not a lot of light. Back inside, even before watching the footage he knows that the picture quality is amazing. The form factor is awesome. But no touchscreen. Why? Every smartphone has one for years, many cameras too. Vlogging theory: First person narrative. Having a flip out screen is a must. When you can't see what you are shooting it's very hard. The main reason he bought the A7S is for studio usage, so he won't miss the flip out screen too much. Maybe his less good tech review. More questioning about the absence of a touch screen: why?

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