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Episode number 15 from season 2b.

2017-01-20 - Scenes From Donald Trump's Inauguration

Season 2b - Episode 15 - 01-20-2017
Scenes from the street. Casey asks pro trumps what is their favorite thing about Trump being elected and protesters what they are the most concerned about. Make america great again vs women's rights. Sometimes he should keep his mouth shut. Arrogance. That's it, today Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the USA. Even if he has all the credentials, Casey will not go to the inauguration today, he will go away from the capitol to talk to people. That's what people suggested the most in the comments. He takes his boosted board an talks to military people, Mike a guy next to the river. Casey shows CNN live feed on his cellphone. Later he talks to an Uber driver. He asks her what she likes about Trump. Later Casey explains that having talked to people gives another perspective, that is the key of empathy: understanding other people's point of view. Prostests in the streets. Smoke, barricades, smashed windows of a car. Masked people, police officers with shields. Gaz masks. A naked guy, police with pepper spray. At night Casey drinks a milk shake while explaining he enjoyed interviewing people and being with the protesters, it may seems very big on the video but it was all very contained on one block.

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