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Episode number 14 from season 2b.

2017-01-19 - Going to Washington to see TRUMP

Season 2b - Episode 14 - 01-19-2017
Casey goes to penn station (Pennsylvania train station) to take a train to Washington DC. He plugs his boosted board into the train to recharge it. 45th Presidential inauguration is in 24 hours. Today he will spend the day to get ready, get his credentials, plan what he will do. Washington Union Station. Funnel with controls to leave the train station. Hotel room. Almost no view but the room is ok. He takes his BB to go to the CNN bureau in DC. Fan in a car. Views from DC and the white house. The entire town is quiet, silent. Military cars. He asks people in the street what he should do. Penssylvania street. anti Trump protesters (girls), Casey asks them what they will do tomorrow. One girl recognizes Casey. Trump supporters, Casey asks what they expect from Trump. Not sure what tomorrow will be. Interresting for sure. He still has no real plan, he enjoyed talking to people, so maybe that will be the plan.

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