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Episode number 13 from season 2b.

2017-01-18 - DJi Phantom 4 Pro+ vs. Inspire Pro vs. Mavic Pro in 4K

Season 2b - Episode 13 - 01-18-2017
In his studio Casey tries to fly a mavic pro holding a sign with "another drone review". He goes to Long Island with Dean to test the brand new DJI phantom 4 Pro. It looks exactly like the phantom 4 but with more sensors and a much better camera. He did an unboxing on his shooting table. He wants to compare the consumer "pro" camera versus the DJI inspire prosumer camera. He will also compares them to the mavic, the smallest but with limited image quality. Dean will fly the inspire. Image comparison. Back in the studio he explains that the weather was bad, and the mavic pro doesn't perform well in low light so that's not really representative of the image you can get when the sun is shining. There is no clear winner. He draws a chart about diminishing return. He already explained that when it comes to video cameras: the more you invest, the less the increase in quality you get. 3 factors when it comes to drones: price, ease of use and image quality. The mavic is cheap, the phantom average and the inspire expensive. The mavic is the easiest to fly, the phantom is ok and the inspire is harder to fly. Image quality on the mavic is just fine, perfectly good on the phantom and borderline professional on the inspire. So it's hard to say which one is best, it depends on what your priorities are. Mavic is like the best image quality of a Samsung phone or iphone. The phantom pro is a big improvement, comparable to a low end DSLR or high quality point and shoot. The inspire is like a 5D mark IV, prosumer, perfect. At the end he still prefers the mavic because it is so small.

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