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Episode number 12 from season 2b.

2017-01-16 - A Quick Question..

Season 2b - Episode 12 - 01-16-2017
In his studio Casey shows a Canon 16-35 2.8 L lens. The zoom is broken. He sent it back to Canon for a repair and Canon said that the service life on this model has expired. His only choice is to buy a new one. How to build a loyal customer base? Today's video is a quick video because he needs an advice. This Friday, January 20th 2017 Donald Trump will be swarming at the 45th President of the USA. Because he now works for CNN, he was invited to the inauguration but he has no idea what to do. What should it be? He is looking for his 2008 invitation. In 2008 everything was different, lots of things have changed so how to handle that properly. What would the audience like to see. There is an opportunity bigger than just him being there vlogging. What can he do that the other media won't? comments, tweets are welcomed. Today is his dad birthday. phone call. His dad is 64, that's so old.

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