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Episode number 11 from season 2b.


Season 2b - Episode 11 - 01-15-2017
Sunday 4:02 am Casey is preparing himself, shaving and leaving the aparment early to take the car. For him it is a big deal, not for everyone else. Today he is up early for a race. He picks up his brother Dean. Stop to eat a bagel. Tradition before a race. First race in 3 years. His brother is here to support him. Cold outside, he goes to register for the race... but he can't sign up on the race day. He found the director of the race who will let him run. He won't have a time chip nor a bib with a number but he doesn't care. He is a little concerned about the temperature, it is freezing outside, everyone has long sleeves and sweatpants, tights, he only has running shorts. He is 35, in great shape but when there is a clock on a race it is like a test to check how well he is maintaining his body, so he is a little nervous. Sayville Bluepoint brewing company medal. Casey is happy with his performance. He timed 1:03:41 for 10.2 miles. 6:14 minutes per mile. Around the 20th place out of 1,000 people. He explains that as you get older, the price of maintaining your youth goes higher and higher. The older you are the harder you have to work. A guy in front of him the whole race is 60 and was in front of him the whole race. The fountain of youth can be summed up to one word: work. He bought Dean with him so he can take a picture of him on the finish line but Dean was in the car getting warm at that time.

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