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Episode number 10 from season 2b.


Season 2b - Episode 10 - 01-13-2017
Casey is taking his boosted board to a Nintendo event. He is wering a helmet now. He may have fried his BB. 29th street. The event is about the new Switch. He goes there for free snacks and youtube friends. The real reason is because Shawn (Shonduras) is there. They are not allowed to film during the presentation. First time he attends to this kind of presentation, he just wanted to hang out with Shawn. They try the Switch. Arms video game. He beats Shawn. Impressive snacks. They show the hardware. Like an ipad mini, separate controller that you can attach to the screen. Loading dock so you can continue to play on a big TV screen. Danceing game. iJustine is there too. Back in his studio he explains that it was probably his worst tech review. He wants to make a proper explanation of the Switch. He has a PS4 and an Xbox with great FPS games. But Nintendo stands out on the fun factor. Today he heard nothing about resolutions, frame rate or how powerful the CPU is, it is just about fun and camaraderie, interacting with other human beings and having fun.

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