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Episode number 9 from season 2.

2016-04-01 - this was 100% HER FAULT

Season 2 - Episode 9 - 04-01-2016
Houston Texas. Francine playing on the ground, talking and screaming at her toy. He missed her. Candice brushing her teeth. Casey asks her - beside their minor fight this morning - how much did she missed him. 10 out of 10. They need to leave soon, they are going to New Orleans right now. Car ride to buy a suit and a shirt, because they are going to a wedding. Back to the house to pack. The flight is at 2:45pm, it is 1:09pm, they will miss the flight. Uber ride to the airport. Yesterday's episode was about him probably missing a flight... today is part 2. At the airport, they missed the flight. No other flight, everything is sold out. The new plan is to drive there. Riverdance in the Hertz rental car waiting room. Candice rented a big car, almost a school bus. 350 miles, 5 hours and 52 minutes. Weather alert, flood warning. Candice will drive first. Stop to buy food and drinks. He will use the back of the car as his office to work and sleep. Whataburger. Specific of this area. Special because it was the food Candice ate when she grew up there. No water so they have to stop at a gas station to buy water. Candice listens at funky music. Drone views of the road, above the car. Views of the road, surroundings of the car... Bathroom break. Solid selection of alcohol at the gas station. Moon Pie. Police officer catching goats that escaped. Rain. At night they see New Orleans city in front of them. Tonight there is is pre-party, they arrive before the party is over.

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