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Episode number 8 from season 2.

2016-03-31 - i never get this ANGRY

Season 2 - Episode 8 - 03-31-2016
Los Angeles. Timelapse of the sunrise, the sun sweeps across the sand. Drone view of the sunrise over Santa Monica. He went at bed at 4:30am, why has he made plans to go surfing at 6am? He awakes very slowly while going to the beach. His friend Max has no extra surf board and wetsuit for Casey. Max goes surfing, Casey tries to find a board and wetsuit to rent. Everything is closed. No luck. He comes back on the beach. He wants at least to swim. He wears leather sneakers and sweatpants, he goes swimming in his underwear. Drone views of him in the cold water. A guys shows up from nowhere with a wetsuit and a surf board for Casey. They go surfing together with Max. Not much waves. Back in Max apartment, Casey wears a down jacket, Max is shirtless. Boosted board ride back to the hotel. He calls Matt so they can meet for breakfast. Second cappuccino. First time Casey sees Matt wearing a t-shirt. View from Casey's hotel room over Santa Monica. 10am the fun part of the day is over. Lots of meetings planned. Candice and Francine are only 1,200 miles east he wants to see them, he will try to make that happen today. Car ride to the first meeting, he leaves the camera in the car. Meeting number 2. Not appropriate to bring a camera to these meetings. Predatory paparazzi chasing a celebrity. 45 minutes to kill. They go over Hollywood and the city. Drone view of the Hollywood sign. Red Ferrari. Meeting number 3. He wants to take a flight. It leaves very soon. Not sure he will be able to catch it but he is freaking out for not having seen Candice and Francine for such a long time, especially the baby. He rushes to the airport but is stuck in the traffic. He will miss his flight. No later plane tonight. If he can't make it in time he will be stuck in California for the night. Anger and hostility. He is trapped here. Later he is moving, then back in the traffic. He is very close to the airport. He stopped right in front of the terminal and goes check-in, then returns the rental car back. Bus ride back to the terminal. Security, and that's good. In the plane he apologizes for having been so angry. 1am, in Texas. He made it. Max saying that the wetsuit makes him think he is a superhero.

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