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Episode number 7 from season 2.

2016-03-30 - it was worth it

Season 2 - Episode 7 - 03-30-2016
San Francisco. Casey rides his boosted board in the stairs. Hotel breakfast, alone. They always taste like hotel breakfast. They are leaving San Francisco tonight. Candice and Francine should arrive in a few minutes. In the street Casey's camera is almost hit by a tramway. A guy trying to sell him CDs. He need to buy shoes, one hour between meetings but he wants to embrace the city. In the store, an elevator to bring shoes from the underground. Black Converse sneakers. He modeled for Converse. But he payed for his shoes. Some fans recognized him. He asks if he would be arrested if he flies his drone here, next to the harbour. Probably not. Drone views of ships and sailboats. He is late for his last meeting. Time to pack and leave town. Uber ride back to the hotel. Discotheque inside. More fans in front of the hotel. In the hotel he wants to fly his drone inside, it is too dangerous but he thought about it. New stop: Los Angeles. It wasn't planned. Elevator, Car ride to the airport, but a last stop with a view on San Francisco before they leave. Train ride to the airport terminal 2. He flies on American Airlines, not Matt. Candy at the check-in area. 2nd person on the plane. Takeoff at night. Stop in Los Angeles. Another crazy fan at the airport. Casey explains that in the bathroom there was a man shaving his head, like if he had robbed a bank and tried to change his appearance. Boosted board bag, the strap is broken. Boosted board ride to the place where the rental car is parked. A BB is a pain to travel with unless you are riding it. Car ride to a nice hotel. Matt picked the hotel. Midnight, he has to start to work, and he has a date at 6am to surf. Plane flying just over Casey at the car park.

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