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Episode number 6 from season 2.

2016-03-29 - she'd kill me for saying this

Season 2 - Episode 6 - 03-29-2016
San Francisco, California. Nice beach, rocks, but a dead bird on a rock. In Casey's hotel room before his run, technology explosion on his room desk. Phones, cameras, drone, macbook pro, lenses... Running a city is a best way to discover a city. His phone crashes on the ground. Back at the hotel room he explains that he was tired yesterday, he went to bed at 10:30pm or 11pm but got up at 4am to do emails and edit. He finished at 9:30am and did not want to run. He forced himself to do it and he feels much better now for having done it. There is always a good excuse not to do something. He leaves the hotel, put his boosted board in the trunk of his car and waits for Matt. Quick lunch in a restaurant. Lots of food. He heard about Pacifica city in the news, it is not very far from San Francisco, so he leaves Matt and goes there. He explains that Candice is in a plane coming back from South Africa, the more time they spend apart, the more they like each other. Right now they are in love as never before. Q&A. Theme: love advices. How to tell if someone likes you. How can we come back in the dating game after being single for a very long time. How Casey and Candice manage to keep the spark going for so long. What does he think about parental advice not to date before 16. How did Candice and him end up after everything. Why get married. How to avoid awkward situation when you broke up with someone you will continue to see everyday in class. How long after meeting Candice did Casey knew it was the one. How to impress a woman. Is Casey in love with work. End of Q&A he explains why he is here. Houses very close of the cliff. The Ocean eats the cliff more and more and the houses start to fall down. Some have already fell down, some are crazy closed to. Drone views of the cliff houses. But amazing view over the ocean. Ride back in the city. Golden Gate. Hotel room. It was a long day. Aerosmith song Living on the edge.

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