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Episode number 5 from season 2.

2016-03-28 - They Saw Me NAKED

Season 2 - Episode 5 - 03-28-2016
San Francisco, California. A guy tries to skateboard on a big bow and arrow shaped sculpture. A doctor office in the building in front of his hotel room, the nurses are watching at him. He is there for business meetings. Boosted board ride Stop at the Apple store to buy something he forgot in New York. A dog with a puppy. It is too early, the store is not opened. One hour too early. Back to the hotel room. He switched room, the view is much better. No more creepy nurses. New ride to the Apple store. Steep roads, it recharges the battery while he breaks. Outside in front of the Golden gate we discover that he has bought a new dji phantom 4 drone (and not a laptop charger as we could have imagined). Drone views of the bridge and surroundings. The drone follows him on his boosted board. BB: Not good in the sand. He was not sure if being here could have been productive, but Matt is here too, and they both are productive. Second to last meeting of the day. Matt is happy of what they are doing. Old tramway. Huge bow and arrow sculpture. Casey takes a leftover cookie from the room service in the hotel. He goes on the lounge area of the hotel. With Matt they want to go to the sky terrace. More like a small hole in the roof. Casey makes some drone shots from there. Not easy to land. They goes to the other part of the lounge to eat free snacks. Impressive: everything is empty, nothing to eat. Boosted board ride. They have a fancy dinner tonight and he only has bright yellow green blue sneakers, he wants to buy another pair. Mall scenes. No idea if he is at the right place. Back at the hotel, he did not succeed in buying shoes. They leave in 10 minutes for the business dinner.

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