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Episode number 4 from season 2.

2016-03-27 - breaking up is hard to do

Season 2 - Episode 4 - 03-27-2016
In the street a guy dressed as D. Trump offers some dances and to be punched for money. Beat up Trump. Casey draws the date and episode number on a piece of paper, he shot it from the outside of his window with his drone, then pushes the drone back with a stick and makes it go up in the air. He throws a stool in the studio. Today is sunday, usually he is not there, but sunday's are quiet, he could work a lot today. He has a lot to do. He is leaving the city later today. He does not know how long he will stay, not exactly sure where he is going, probably California, maybe Texas, maybe New Orleans... but he wants to be here to continue the studio renovation. He has made tremendous progresses with the exception of the total chaos at the back of the studio where the old desk was. Stuff everywhere. He really wants to address that, but he won't be able to do it this week. He goes out on his boosted board to enjoy the city. Cab ride to JFK airport. Not at American Airlines terminal. He flies Jetblue. He was in love with AA, he told it many times on the vlog, this year he flied 5 times around the globe, he had a great status... and then he got the message that he does not spend enough money with them. He thought that the company had a soul and a heart but they seem to be a normal money-hungry corporation. There are not many companies he vouches for. Like Boosted Board. He puts his black AA concierge card key in the trash. Selfie video with a pilot. He boards. He is still mad at American Airlines, has he done something wrong. Mint class. The flight was good. He recovers his boosted board. He receives a text message from Candice, she is leaving South Africa for a 28 or 32 hours trip with Francine, poor girl. Rental car. No keys. A woman was smiling at him. Either a fan of him, for being there at 2am or... a prostitute. Hotel. Glass elevator. Nice bedroom. 3:30am time to go to bed. It smells like a taxicab air freshener in the room.

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