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Episode number 3 from season 2.

2016-03-26 - would you wait 5 HOURS FOR A MILKSHAKE???

Season 2 - Episode 3 - 03-26-2016
Happy Birthday Casey drawn with colored chalks on the sidewalk of Casey's office. Huge bubbles in a Center park. Casey asks "how do you define friendship" to young guys in the park. He he a little sad. Owen left, Candice and Francine on the other side of the planet. Today will be dedicated to friendship. Jerome shows up with a "friend" sign. They go in the subway to ask the same question. How to define friendship. Milkshake. Very special fancy milkshakes from a very special place called black tap. The waiting like is 2 blocks long, and around 5 hours. Some people recognize Jerome and Casey. 5 hours later, 3 huge fancy milkshakes with candy, bright colors... and a special surprise for Jerome who does not want a milkshake: a green salad bowl. They sell 500 milk shakes a day. One bowl of Kale. Casey drinks while he tries to tempt Jerome. After they leave, Jerome drinks something from Juice Press. Prince St. subway Station. Central park. Casey continues to interview people about friendship. Row boat on the pond. They crashed the boat many times while Jerome is rowing. Casey makes some drone shots over Center Park and of course at the end crashes the drone while trying to go under a small bridge. The drone felt in the water. It is on its side, beeping. Casey tries to recover it with a wood stick. He does not want to go in the stagnant water. He recovers it. The drone is still beeping. It seems fine. Back in the boat. Jerome takes the camera and asks Casey what friendship means to him. It's easy to be friends when times are good but when you are at your lowest point, that's when you find out who your real friends are. More interviews about friendship. Trust. A couple being photographed in the park. It is freezing now. They are going back downtown. Uber ride back home. In the waiting line for the milkshakes, someone asks them "who are you?"

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