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Episode number 20 from season 2.

2016-04-12 - What NOT to Wear on an Airplane

Season 2 - Episode 20 - 04-12-2016
Casey in the bathroom of an airplane, ready to go. Cab ride to the studio. He hates taxis. He is not sad, sad is not an emotion he knows, but nostalgia yes. a sentimental longing for the past. This is who he is. Nothing makes him more nostalgic than old pictures or videos of Owen. Owen is busy, he is rarely in the vlog. He shows old footage of Owen, when Casey showed him how to hold a camera to make a movie, surprising him by picking him at school. When Owen was born they didn't have a home, it is is mission to be sure Owen will have a good life. Each year for his birthday they make a trip together, no matter what. Tomorrow Owen turns 18. An adult. Tomorrow they go away. Footage of them taking a plane when Owen was a kid. Boosted board ride home so he can pack and meet Owen there. Not enough space in his suitcase for clothes because it is filled up with camera gear. Uber ride to JFK. Owen is wearing a USA flag costume/outfit, from head to toe. Check-in. Security. Air France lounge. Decent, good food. Raw salmon with lemon juice. Oreo's. French honey Bonne Maman, Perrier. Owen filled his backpack with Perrier cans. The plane is an Airbus A380, the two storey airplane. First time for them. They are upstairs. The flight attendant does not seem very happy with his camera. Bathroom time to switch from jeans to pajamas. Airport views from the plane. Take off. Owen is going to sleep. Old footage of young Owen peeing on a floor lamp.

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