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Episode number 2 from season 2.


Season 2 - Episode 2 - 03-25-2016
Video call with Candice and Francine. Happy birthday. 2pm He hasn't left the house yet. Today is his proper birthday day. He leaves to meet Owen. Stop at the studio. What does he want do today. He does not want to decide. He wants to be with Owen, he wants to go to the movies, he really like movies, but it is hard to do with the baby. A guy in front of his building gave him cheesecakes. Great presents so far: Matt gave him a nice sweater, Matt has great style. Samsung gave him another Samsung S7 edge. He only had the silver one and wanted a gold one. Canal St. subway. No audio was captured. Why? He hates when equipment fails. 34th street for the movies with Owen. Movie theater. 3D glasses. Cartoon. Nobody has ever care or said something to Casey while he brings his big camera into a theater. Strange. In a Taco store one day a woman yelled at us because he was filming. Utopia cartoon. After the end they joke about the theme of the movie: racism and drugs... it was fun. Sunset on the river. Drone views. Owen calls an Uber. Ride back at the Beme office. Owen eats a lot of junk food there. Little stop at the studio next door. They talk business. Casey crashes into the stairs while walking backwards in the studio. There stairs were not there before. They creak. BB ride back home, Owen takes a taxi. Short extract of the birthday movie he has made 5 years ago.

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