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Episode number 19 from season 2.

2016-04-11 - F#&K YEAH!! WE DID IT

Season 2 - Episode 19 - 04-11-2016
Casey leaving his studio, a gigantic vase filled with M&M's. He goes into the neighbor's office. To give it to Dillan, for everybody. he explains that some of them may have been dropped on the floor. Monday. Boosted board ride to the office. It will be a challenging day because he is there today and half of tomorrow, then he leaves, so he has to put the entire work week today. Stop to buy bags of M&M's. He put them in a vase while counting them. 500. He shows a youtube video on his laptop. Today it is his 500's video. five hundred. That's so many. 500 times questioning himself: is it good enough... He explains his first video. It was the first time he was doing something alone. Before it was the HBO show with his brother, under the Neistat Brothers name, no "views" counter. The first video was a scary moment. And over time he kepts uploading, and one time one video went viral. And then some people said "I've seen your video on YouTube" and YouTube became what he was doing, his job. He shows his 100,000 subscribers silver button. It became bigger and bigger, people stopped to say "you are the guy from TV" and started to say "you are the guy from YouTube". Then he started to upload daily and everything changed. Gold button. 500 videos, A YouTuber, it is who he is. BB ride to meet a friend who is in town. Tonight is the shorty awards, award ceremony for social media people. He is going to help him. He will be wearing a suit tonight, but his friend is in Halloween Adventure costumes store. The friend is Roman (romanatwoods). He is struggling finding his outfit for tonight. Clown outfit. They take a cab together, Roman takes Casey's camera and says congratulations to him. Casey now has more subscribers than Roman. It smells pot in the cab, Roman says that it's him, he has a little pot, and he takes a little pot (literally) from his pocket. Casey escorts him and his girlfriend to a store to buy a suit then leaves them, he wants to come back to work and see Candice. At home he is dressing up. He explains that he had to come back to the studio to re shoot the whole M&M's scene because it has no audio, the microphone battery was dead. Now they are late. Uber ride. Casey shows a picture of Candice in a fashion magazine on his phone. She is hot. Candice likes the picture because it looks like her. Casey explains tonight's awards. He is nominated to be youtuber of the year. Many famous youtubers are there. Waiting in the bathroom, that's where people are hanging out. They sneak out. Jessie (Prankvs prank) wins an award. DJ Khaled on Snapchat. Best youtube comedian: RomanAtwoods. Youtuber of the year: Casey Neistat. He wants to thank Candice for letting her exploit her bikini body for thumbnail.

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