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Episode number 18 from season 2.

2016-04-10 - BAD IDEA

Season 2 - Episode 18 - 04-10-2016
New London. Casey puts Francine on his shoulders before leaving the house. Sunrise drone views. They want to leave early to beat the NYC traffic. They pack and leave with the car. More drone views while they drive. Stop at his dad's coffee shop for breakfast. Muddy Waters café. Casey wants to talk about the coffee shop. He shows the train that his dad installed for Francine. Near the ceiling! Car ride back. 16 minutes nap in the car. Candice needs a coffee so they stop as quietly as possible but Francine wakes up... and manages to fall back asleep. Views of the car ride. New York / Manhattan. Boosted board ride back. Later in soho with Roi and wife shopping for furniture for the new apartment. Casey does not like shopping. Francine is hungry. Stop in a restaurant. Great lunch. Later in another store. Candice is looking for a bed. Casey uses a table as his office, he sets up his camera, works on his phone. Then on a couch. Another guy is on the same wavelength ash him. Back in the apartment, he leaves to pick the car in the garage. The guys who work here are amazed and terrified by the boosted board, they don't want to try it. He needs to go to the old apartment to finish to empty it so new people could settle in. Stop in his studio to take the vacuum but he wants to sit down and work. When he is out or on vacation he fantasize about working in his studio. He always want to be here. He takes the vacuum. It should be a lot of fun. In the old apartment, nostalgic. Back in the studio, then he will go home. Great week-end with the family.

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