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Episode number 16 from season 2.

2016-04-08 - shaved my head

Season 2 - Episode 16 - 04-08-2016
Candice and Casey walking in a shopping mall, Candice explains that she is ok now but when they were in the restaurant it was strange, he almost passed-out, went for a walk. Casey explains that he has to take breaks. In his studio he shows the 3 dji phantom 4 drones. 2 more. Picture on snapchat. Don't email him. It has to be random. Early morning date with Candice. Candice wakes up earlier than before because there is more sunlight in the bedroom of their new apartment. Candice cuts a "pain au chocolat" in half to share with Casey. Cab ride together. She has a doctor appointment next to his office, so they share the cab. He has his boosted board but they can spend more quality time together. Lots of questions about the studio renovation. He shows the progress. Almost done, except the back where the gear room will be. He wants it to look like the gear closet in the Kingsman movie. Something between a camera rental shop and a museum. 70-80% done but the progress are slows, he has been busy these last weeks. He received a package from YouTube, heavy box. "Comments". A book from YouTube, comments from people and artists has interpreted these comments. Candice went home early, so he leaves the office so they can have another date. Casey explains where she was earlier but bips it because Candice does not want him to tell him. Back in the street, FDNY trucks around his office. Back in the studio. 6pm. Nothing done today. Distractions are everywhere. How easy it is to start something and how hard it is to finish. All distractions between. His way to fight distraction is... to embrace it and let them be part of the narrative. Distraction is a part of the reason why he remodeled the studio, to remove all the obstructions between him and making movies. Filmmaking 101, quote from his friend Max Joseph "Gear is the ultimate procrastination". That's why he hates questions about what type of gear he uses, it doesn't matter as long as you create. It is just a tool that facilitates the process. He sees on the screen of his camera that his hair is long, he takes a hair clipper and cuts his hair. Scissors to shorten the length. In the cab a sign saying that assaulting a driver is punishable by up to 25 years in prison.

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