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Episode number 15 from season 2.

2016-04-07 - A DRONE MIRACLE

Season 2 - Episode 15 - 04-07-2016
In the street Casey explains that he is starving, he doesn't have a lot of money on him, time for $1 pizza. While on his boosted board to his studio he explained that he did a 12.68 miles run this morning (7'12 pace). In the studio he explains that today's episode will be like a crime movie when you figure out who the guilty parties are. Law Order... He recalls the story of how he crashed his drone and finally found it on the bridge stanchion. He is not dumb, he knew what could happen if he shows to the world where his drone was. This morning a guy on twitter@caseysdrone said he recovered his drone. Troll. Picture of a drone with a hook and footage from a drone said to be Casey's one. He knows that it is not phantom 4 footage. He knows where his drone is, it is on its way to the studio. He feeds the troll by answering "how do I know you actually have my drone??" They replied that there was only one drone there. He asks for a picture of it. $1 pizza break. Back in the studio he explains that he now remembers why he stopped eating $1 pizza. Back to twitter. They sent a picture taken on a screen of a computer. then "lol jk bye". When he refreshed the page, the page was deleted. His drone was recovered, he can't tell much about it. No laws were broken, he has to blur the person that will bring his drone back. He has to keep their identify confidential. 2 guys come in his studio. The first person has seen the video and knows the guy who can retrieve it. "The guy" recieved a call that there was a problem at the bridge. This problem needs to be resolved because otherwise there will be a million of people trying to get this thing and that could be a problem. The tasks has to be completed that same night. He has a present for them. He opens a black Pelikan case with a phantom 2. He offers them the drone. He would have gave them the new ones, but he already promised them to the viewers. He wished he could reveal who these persons are. Moment of truth: does the drone still works? He tries to recover the footage, the memory card does not work. Mildew inside of the drone. He puts a battery inside, and it starts but the camera makes strange left-right movement. It connects to the ipad but does not start and does not say why. After a while the propellers starts and the drone flies. He goes outside to test it. The drone flies perfectly but the picture is shaking. The gimbal seems drunk. He brings it back and use his drone number 3 to shoot beautiful cinematography of the Hudson river. 6am the next day. He totally forgot the giveaway. Francine picked the winner of the drone. Nuria.cast won.

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