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Episode number 14 from season 2.


Season 2 - Episode 14 - 04-06-2016
Casey says hi trough his new surveillance camera on his studio door, put 2 big sheets of paper with something painted (but blurred) on them and cleans them. It is the title and date of the vlog, the video is played backwards. Today he his on his boosted board. He crashed his bike yesterday. He prefers the boosted board, but the weather is not always compatible. On the unicycle, then the one wheel hoverboard he explains that he had no intention to make a mail time episode but a package showed up in the mail. Inside it is so awesome that he has to make a proper mail time to build things up and get excited to show us what is in the box. SET caps. 3D printed cap for the parrot drone lens. Candy and toothbrush and toothpaste. FreeSkies drone cinematography app. More candy. Cute outfits for Francine. The Winkler Brothers Cancer research UK. Running jersey. Survival bracelet. Big box with a weird skateboard. Time to open the package he talked about during the whole mail time. Inside: 3 slightly smaller boxes. 3 dji phantom4 drones. He does not need 3 more drones, he already has 4. dji gave them to him. He says the dji name a lot. He will make a giveaway. He asks the audience to explain in the comments why he should send them the drone. For the 2 others he will find a more inventive way to give them away. It took him 20 minutes to do the mailtime but the whole studio is covered with boxes, bubble wrap... He goes in Oscar's office, he wants to use his fire escape in exchange of candy. He goes outside and gives his thoughts about drones. He thought it was just flying cameras. How to fly a drone is only a third of what you need to know. The other part is to learn how to use the footage. Nobody cares about aerial cinematography. The aerial footage must be used to help to tell a story, to give a context to a scene. So the viewer can better understand it.

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