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Episode number 13 from season 2.

2016-04-05 - i am truly sorry

Season 2 - Episode 13 - 04-05-2016
Casey drops his camera on the ground while biking in the city. The camera is 5 minutes old. In the studio Casey shows sheets of paper with "I am completely totally completely entirely sorry" about yesterday's audio. No idea what happened. So he replaced everything: camera, microphone, wind screen, memory card. Today's episode will be with a cliff hanger or a regular vlog. He has a mission to accomplish. He crashed a drone on the Williamsburg bridge a week ago. He is almost sure that the drone landed on a stanchion. He can't go there to recover it but he wants to fly another drone to see if the old one is still there. He flies around the stanchions and see it. He brings back the new drone. It seems in perfect condition. But how to get it back. He is an expert when it comes to recovering lost drones. No way he can go there without having the police thinking he wants to do something really bad. He could attach a hook to the new drone but we all know that it means he will loose another drone. The way to do that in the right way is to call a friend at the NYPD, who maybe could send a boat to get it back. More drone views of the surroundings of the bridge, Casey rides his bike while flying his drone. It is very hard. Back in the studio he shows zoomed footage of the place where the drone is. He opens a big package. X8 Mars Rover. Electric unicycle. First try and the thing makes an horrible loud and long beep. Casey thinks that he should read the instructions. It comes with training wheels. He puts them straight into the trash. After a minute he manages to stay on it. He tries it in the hallway of his studio. He calls Oscar so he could try it. Oscar tries it and manages to stay on it. Some other friends tries. Then Oscar tries it in the street, in the traffic. He offers Marlon to try it. After a while Oscar is good at it. Casey tries a BMX from a guy in the street. Back in the studio. He races home, to take Francine out to dinner.

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