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Episode number 11 from season 2.

2016-04-03 - She Hated It.

Season 2 - Episode 11 - 04-03-2016
New Orleans. Francine in a children's park. Drone views above the city. 11:30am Francine, Candice and her mom are at the wedding breakfast/brunch. He tried to finish work but feels bad having left the family. He takes the boosted board to meet them back. Napoleon house. Lots of pearls necklaces on the roof of the restaurant. Francine plays with them as Casey takes them with a selfie stick. Views of Bourbon's street. 1pm everyone is drinking. Par Obrien's bar. Candice wants to go on the boosted board with Casey. She climbs on his shoulders. A perfect family means of transportation. Romantic boosted board ride. They go in very narrow places. Stop at the hotel room. They are late to pack, they have to leave fast. 3 hours before the flight. Carousel garden with Francine. Many different carousels. Francine does not like the horse. Car ride to a place for dinner, then next stop: airport. They still have a lot of time. Casey is alone in front of the airport, he manages to put all the luggage on a luggage kart and goes inside of the terminal. They need to tire Francine before boarding. They make her walk everywhere. Casey puts her in the plastic trays to go through the x-ray security machine. Just joking. Wait in the boarding room. It should be a relaxing flight... Francine cries the whole flight. Rough flight. 1:15am still at the airport. Long day.

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