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Episode number 10 from season 2.

2016-04-02 - she never gets this EXCITED

Season 2 - Episode 10 - 04-02-2016
New Orleans. Drone views around the New Orleans boats and over the city. Hotel room, breakfast at the hotel. Candice's mom is driving Francine here in an hour. Stop in lace store. Francine arrives, asleep. They had a flight and car this morning. Casey stays in the hotel room while Candice and her mom goes out for lunch. Stroller ride to find Candice. Evryone is nice to them. Steamer boats. Café du Monde waiting line. The skipped the wait line using the excuse that they have a baby and can't wait that long. Beignet, piece of dough covered with sugar. Francine eats one. Music in the streets. guitar, people dancing. Francine enjoys dogs. Antique shopping, not his favorite thing to do, so he takes his boosted board to explore. Everyone is drunk in this part of the town, he wants to try another part of the city. He ends ups in the middle of nowhere. Nice abandoned factory behind him, but surrounded by water, time to take the drone out of his bag. He goes around and over the factory. A guy playing cello in the street. Back at the hotel, Candice in a suimsuit, not what she is wearing for the wedding. She dresses up while Casey is covering the camera with his hand. Casey puts a suit on, Candice is wearing high heels shoes. the wedding is 10 blocks away. They walk there. Candice has no problem with her shoes. Brennan's place. Wedding ceremony. Then they go in the street. Street band playing music. They walk and dance around the block waving white handkerchiefs. Then inside for dinner and cocktail. Dan and Lindsay's wedding. While she lace her high heel shoes, Casey asks Candice if she thinks she will be the hottest mom at the wedding.

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