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Episode number 7 from season 1.

2015-03-31 - Kickflips in the Office

Season 1 - Episode 7 - 03-31-2015
$1 pizza slice. first week. NYC is photogenic, Casey wants to shoot more in the streets. Running on the west side and back home. Cold shower because no hot water in his appartement. Intro of the Ask Me Anything. Q&A Favorite sandwich. goal of the videos, likes shares... what does he wish he could have done differently. how does he have brilliant ideas for his videos. the best thing of having a baby. What editing system does he uses. What business launch. How to travel if you can't afford it. What was his biggest dream when he was a kid. How does he fight distractions. Can he do a kickflip ? He tries with his skateboard in his office. Runs home to fix the bed in the baby's home. Plays with Francine and back to work.

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