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Episode number 20 from season 1.

2015-04-13 - Penny Boarding the streets of NYC

Season 1 - Episode 20 - 04-13-2015
Strange shop : you can repair shoes, have your hair cut... and in the back of the shop have all kind of massages. Tomorrow : Owen 17th birthday. A kiss to Francine. Walk to the office. He rarely goes there. Mail time with letters : very thick invitation. Airplane company mail. No cigarette break, so sometimes he takes breaks to go see his wife and kid. skateboarding (with a penny board). Video shoot with a ventriloquist. Explaination of the security camera in front of his door with a TV screen in his studio. Another camera monitors the sidewalk so he can check his car, another one in the corridor next to the elevator and another one with a huge screen, that monitors what is just outside his office (in the studio). A lot more that monitors the inside of the studio, the office. It allows him to have information about what is going on outside of his small office when he works. Trip outside where he meets a guy with a home built drone. vlogging is like having a puppy : fun at first, then a tremendous responsability. He has to post every day, even if it's not a very interresting day, but that is the reality of his life. Dinner meeting.

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