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Episode number 18 from season 1.

2015-04-11 - My Favorite Apple Watch

Season 1 - Episode 18 - 04-11-2015
Selfie stick in a car. Helicopter slow motion. He likes gadgets. He garbs his bicycle in his studio. Appointment to try an Apple watch. Then Barnes and Noble... a great place for kids with a parking place for strollers. Business lunch with Matt. $18 brunch. Pigeon whisperrer. Candice is in the Tiffany's store. Then Candice and Francine are sleeping. Casey rides his bike to Brooklin to shoot videos with all his gear, big cameras... Lots of people. Lots of different videos from the same place at sunset. Different angles. He is cold so start to head back home. He forgot a camera, came back and recovered it.

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