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Episode number 17 from season 1.

2015-04-10 - Challenging the NYPD

Season 1 - Episode 17 - 04-10-2015
Taï food for breakfast. Question about how does he find ideas for making movies. When he is interrested in something he focuses on it by making a mouvie about it. So he thinks about making an analysis of previous movies. Trashes many useless extension cords. Makes a TV template from plywood and tripod, to insert the previous video he is referring when doing the behind the scenes. Bikelanes. 5M views the first day. Shot on a $199 Canon compact camera. A anecdote : the cop car was not shot the same day. Filming a cop is not a problem (first amendment). The bike is a cheap new one. He didn't hurt himself. Just look dramatic for effect. He did not get his $50 back. The video went viral even if he only had hundreds of subscribers at this time. Francine face at the end.

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